In the Dordogne area, South West of France grows a rare and beautiful purple flower grown in a rich terroir.

This rich terroir gave birth to a unique wine…

And it took the name of this flower…



Fretilleres wines come from our family owned vineyard « Domaine des Frétillères » which has been in business for three generations and over 60 years!

The incredible terroir that we have around our home, is one of the only places in the world where you can find the “Frétillère” flower.


Fine wines with no middle man between you and the producer.


We are located in Razac de Saussignac in the Dordogne area, South West of France between the town of Bergerac and the well-known city of Bordeaux.



We have a range of delicious and healthy different wines to offer to our consumers divided into Reds, whites and rosés. Don’t miss them !

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