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At our home, a rare flower grows on a seasonal basis called the “Frétillère”. This beautiful purple flower inspired the family to name the estate after it and the “Domaine des Frétillères” was born. It has retained this name since that faithful day.

  1. 1945It all began in 1945, Pierre-René Rigal started his company in mixed farming where not only wine was made but also tobacco, cereals, vegetables and livestock farming. It was the Rigal’s family living and they were selling their products on markets.
  2. 1975Over the years some part of the company disappeared and in 1975, the rigal family commenced producing more wine and the company became the “Domaine des Frétillères”. They wanted to be specialized in the wine production and year after year the number of vines was growing. Slow and steady other activities disappeared while keeping some of the cereal’s production.
  3. 1985Early 1980, Pierre René’s son, Bernard Rigal took over the business and launched the wine as the main activity. He commenced with 12 hectares of grapes and from 1985 he began to sell wine by bottles mainly in France and export but also loose (bulk quantities) to wholesalers.
  4. 1986Purchase of a building in a touristic area named Monpazier in Dordogne which quickly became a wine cellar/shop where only our wines were sold. We also started to deliver to restaurants, small supermarkets and wine cellars in the Dordogne area.
  5. 1990Wine in “bag in box” started to sell in bigger volume all around the region. This change made a boost on the sales as everyone wanted this kind of packaging 5L, 10L and 20L with a good at fair price.
    The 90’s was the time where the company really developed as we increased the vineyard size up to of 22 hectares and most importantly the creation of group of customers in Britany with a network of Supermarket, cellars, private customers.
  6. 2002The sales of “Bag in Box” expanded as we had the same high quality in bottles and bag in box. The vineyard increased up to 24 hectares to be able to produce on demand.
  7. 2010The estate grew even more up to 26 hectares while maintaining the quality of our wines for our « Clientèle ». We also extended our network of resellers in the Dordogne area and Britany.
  8. 2017In 2016, Bernard’s son, Sylvain Rigal decided to bring the wines from the Frétillères to the Irish market after been in Ireland for around 8 years originally as a student.
    Sylvain and his partner Anita Ryan created a subsidiary in Ireland called “Frétillères Wines Ltd”.

Bernard Rigal who is today the master wine producer of the estate made it successful with award winning wines, expansion of the business in France and new sales channels.
Ever since 1940, we have endeavoured to act in the interest of the environment in respect of all aspects of the production from the vine planting, vineyard work, grape harvesting and wine making process to the selling channels.

Today we have 28 hectares of vines growing all around the property spread out into 3 Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) which are Bergerac, Bordeaux and Saussignac producing Red, white and rosé wine.

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