We are based in the heart of Kildare which is only 20 minutes from Dublin and nearby Carlow, Kilkenny and Laois.

Our Concept

In 2016 we took the opportunity to expand and offer our products to the Irish Market under the trading name Fretilleres Wines.

We are dedicated to keep control of the distribution from our vineyard to the Irish market giving our customers the unique opportunity to deal directly and sample our products at the fairest price possible (Bergerac, Bordeaux and Saussignac)

“We want to develop our business in an innovative way, with our knowledge of the original French winemaking process and the Irish Wine/Spirits market.”

The Irish subsidiary has been created by Anita Ryan and Sylvain Rigal to bring something different to the country with the added value of being a wine producer.

Organic and healthy guaranty:

For many years, we have applied and continue a reasoned fight in our vineyard against illness and parasite such as the grapevine “flavescance dorée” or the Mildew. The reasoned fight consists on doing as less treatment as possible on the vines which means that we only do it when it’s really needed.

By doing this type of treatment method we can offer our customer more organic and healthy wines with high quality.
The respect of the environment for the product and the consumer is conveyed through the quality of our unique and healthy wine.

Our Terroir, Soils:

The soils in our Estate are very productive: Little bit acid in plains and chalky-clay (argilo-calcaire) on hills, hills sides. We are located in a wine-making area with productive assets, advantages.

Bordeaux Red: Grow in gravel plains/soils, silt/alluvium soils
Bergerac reds and rosé selecion : Chalky-clay soils.
Saussignac, Bergerac White dry & Bergerac moelleux : Chalky clay soils on hills and hills side.

Discover our wines:

We have a range of 7 delicious wines to offer to our consumers, with various choices of Reds, whites and rosé.

We are constantly growing our network of customers and would love the opportunity to showcase our offerings both in person, by phone/email.

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